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Manual Reset Thermostat N-8M

A snap-acting bimetal disc serves as the actuating element in these rugged, precision thermostats. As the temperature reaches the tamper-proof predetermined set point, the disc snaps to provide rapid, positive contact action minimizing radio frequency interference and ensuring high reliability. These thermostats are individually calibrated and tested to meet both thermal and electrical characteristics. Resistance to vibration and harsh environments are additional features. Many terminations and mounting assemblies are available to permit great flexibility in installation.

Manual Reset Thermostat
- Printed Circuit Boards
- Vending Machines
- Water Heaters
- Vacuum Cleaners
- Boilers
- Photo Copy Machines
- Electrical Stoves
- Other Small Appliances

- Manual reset for safety
- High current capacity
- Automatic cut-off in case of overheating
- High thermal sensitivity
- Variety of mounting brackets and terminals available
- Long contact life

Selection Code Chart and Specifications
Manual Reset Thermostat

Manual Reset Thermostat

Open on Rise

Current Rating
Code Contact Rating Cycles
2 2A, 230V AC 10,000
8 8A, 230V AC 10,000
16 16A, 230V AC 10,000

Top Temperature
Temperature Range 0°C to 230°C

Top Temperature Tolerance
Code 5 8 10
Tolerance ±5°C ±8°C ±10°C

Bottom Temperature
Temperature Range -20°C to 0°C

Bottom Temperature Tolerance
Code 15
Tolerance ±15°C

S - 3/16” L - 1/4 ”
Terminal Terminal

Terminal Direction

Cap-Bracket Type
M0 M2
cap bracket type cap bracket type
M4 M6
Cap Bracket Type Cap Bracket Type
Cap Bracket Type

Bracket-Terminal Orientation
90 45
Bracket Terminal Orientation Bracket Terminal Orientation
135 180
Bracket Terminal Orientation Bracket Terminal Orientation

  • Special Purpose Switches
  • Heaters
  • And more..

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