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thermostat manufacturers

thermostat manufacturers

thermostat manufacturers
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About us

IndiaMART TrustSeal Utiliti Controls is one of the India’s leading manufacturers of Snap Disc Thermostats and Thermal Overload Protectors. We are here to provide you quick quality support and also guide you for the testing procedures.We supply our products to many reputed OEMs in India & export them worldwide. We are aiming for Long time relationship and ensure best services.

Company Profile

Utiliti Controls was established in 1990. Since then, we have added many additional Thermostat and Thermal Protector Models that are used World-Wide in applications ranging from power supply, power generation, refrigeration, personal care products, battery packs, household appliances, heating appliances and numerous others. At Utiliti Controls, we know what our customers want and we respond by providing innovative products that position us as a leader in our industry. Our products are committed to high quality, cost effective that meets and exceeds customer requirements.

Utiliti Controls has divided its products in six main categories, i.e.
  • Snap Disc Thermostat
  • Thermal Overload Protector/ Motor Protector
  • Bimetallic Thermostat
  • Special purpose switches
  • Plastic Heater
  • Thermal Fuse

If you need any assistance in selecting a suitable product, feel free to contact one of our support engineers to assist in the design of an economical custom tailored product.

We strive to lead in the invention, development and manufacture of the industry's most advanced thermal management products. We translate these advanced technologies into value for our customers through our professional solutions, services and dedication to every customer’s success.

We are pleased to offer customer assistance and technical advice relating to operational characteristics one might expect when applying our thermal devices. We appreciate the opportunity to assist you and better understand your requirements.

However, since Utiliti Controls does not possess full access to data concerning all of the uses and applications of your products, we cannot assume any obligation or liability for information we provide, or for results you might obtain.

About Thermal Control

thermostat manufacturersOur bimetal products fall into two broad categories: Temperature Controller and Thermal Overload Protector. Snap action devices have wide differential between opening and closing temperature. It provides slower cycling characteristics. We have been able to control the amount of differential in many of our snap action controls, which enables them to be used for temperature control applications.

Choosing the Right Thermal Control

thermostat manufacturers The rate of temperature rise, location of the thermal control, the electrical load and the mass of the application can greatly affect cycling (operational) characteristics of a thermal control. Because of these variables, we recommend that you Conduct testing of our products specifically in your application.

thermostat manufacturersIncluded in this web site are the specification sheets for each of our models of thermal controls. These describe the basic features of our thermostats and thermal protectors. We have included outline drawings which give the relative sizes of our controls. We have also listed representative electrical ratings for each model, based on the end application.

Getting what you want

We have realized that each application for our thermal controls is unique in one form or another. Because of this, we do not offer what is considered a "standard" product. We offer a wide range of options including the calibration temperature range and tolerances. The length of the lead wires, Mounting brackets, Terminals and the type of insulation material that you require is determined by you. We will customize our thermal controls to fit the individual requirements of your application. Should you require samples for your application testing, please complete the Sample Request Form that can be found in this site.

Should you be unsure of which of our models to use in your application, please feel free to contact us, and we will gladly suggest a model for you. We normally ship your customized samples within 3-5 working days from the date of your request. That is truly getting what you want, when you want it.

Please note that we are happy to' provide customer assistance and technical advice in a variety of areas. We appreciate the opportunity to assist you and better understand your needs.

  • Special Purpose Switches
  • Heaters
  • And more..

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