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N-9 (SN-9) Miniature Thermostat

N-9 (SN-9) Miniature Thermostat
N-9, 11 mm bimetal disc thermostat is designed to minimize its size, without compromising its performance. These thermostats are individually calibrated and tested to meet both thermal and electrical characteristics. The contacts are made of silver alloy for long life. The snap action of the bimetal disc provides high speed contact separation resulting in excellent life cycle characteristics at electrical loads, up to 8 Amps at 250VAC (100,000 cycles).

A variety of terminal and mounting configurations are available for maximum design flexibility. The quality, reliability, affordability and versatility of the N-9 series make it the thermostat of choice for a wide variety of temperature control applications.

- Snap action disc
- High thermal sensitivity
- Compact, slim design
- Automatic, one shot modes available
- Variety of mounting brackets and terminals available
- Low cost
- Long contact life

The applications are divided in two categories:
Temperature control: Here the thermostat is used to control temperature of end product between two levels.

Thermal overload protection: Here the thermostat is used to protect end product from overheating caused by overloading, blocked ventilation, increased ambient temperature, etc.

Examples of applications:

- Electrical Heating Pads - Electrical Blankets
- Wax Heaters - Food Warmers
- Milk Bottle Warmers - Heat sink protection
- Other Small Appliances

Switching Action
N-9 is available in two single poles, single throw (SPST) switching action:

Automatic Reset: Can be built to either open or close its contacts on temperature rise.BR>
One shot thermostat: Available with contacts that open on temperature rise, and which never reclose till the ambient temperature drops below 0°C.

Insulation Base
The insulation base of N9 is made up of PPS (Polyphenylene sulphide). This is a high performance engineering plastic perfectly suitable for high temperature applications.

Mounting Configurations
N-9 is available in several mounting configurations.

M0 Mounting Bracket: This mounting bracket has no mounting holes. The Disc enclosure is available in Aluminum and Brass

M6 Surface Mount Bracket: The heat sensing bimetal disc is positioned firmly against the mounting surface so it senses the actual mounting surface temperature.


TS: N-9 is supplied crimp type terminals.

T 4.8: We also have 4.8mm x 0.5mm quick connect terminals.

These terminals are available in flat or vertical position in nickel plated brass or nickel plated steel.

T 4.8

Temperature, Differentials and Tolerances
The snap disc thermostat has a snap action opening and closing of contacts, which ensures no sparking or chattering.

N-9 is supplied to customer specified open and close temperature set points with a tolerance on both set points. Temperature difference between cut-off and cut-in temperature is called differential temperature.

- Cut-off Temperature range: for N-9 50 to 160°C
- Cut off Temperature Tolerance: ± 4%
- Differential Temperature: 10-40°C

Auto Reset N-9
Model Auto Reset N-9
Rated Current, voltage, life cycle 2 A, 250 VAC, 100000 Cycles
8 A, 250 VAC, 30000 Cycles
Base Material PPS
Temperature Range 50 to 160°C
Temperature Tolerance ± 4%
Differential 10 to 40°C
Temperature Crimp Type, 4.8mm
Terminals Brass, Steel
Terminal Material Flat, Vertical
Terminal angle M0, M6
Mounting Brackets

Selection Code
To make ordering hassle free we have created a standardized selection code.


Selection Code

Model N-9 Auto-reset Snap Disc Thermostat
Operation NC Open on rise
NO Close on rise
Current Rating 2 Amps
Cut-off temperature & Tolerance 120 ± 3°C
Cut-in Temperature & Tolerance 105 ± 5°C
Terminal type Crimp type terminal
Terminal direction Flat
Bracket M6 Moving bracket

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